Report on Digital ambassadors Programme

The Digital Ambassadors Program (DAP) is an initiative led by the Rwandan Ministry of ICT and Innovation (MINICT) aiming to increase the number of digitally literate citizens and their use of e-Government and e-Business services.  In alignment with the Rwanda Digital Talent Policy, DAP is expected to mobilize young ambassadors to transform the lives of more than 8,000,000 (eight million) citizens through digital skills and adoption of e-Services, driving inclusion and growth. Read more

Uko Gahunda y'Intore mu Ikoranabuhanga iri kugirira akamaro umuturage wo mu cyaro

 Gahunda y’Intore mu Ikoranabuhanga yatangijwe mu Rwanda mu mwaka w’2017 igamije guhugura abaturage ku gukoresha ikoranabuhanga. Iyi gahunda yabaye uburyo bwiza bwo gufasha umuturage cyane cyane uwo mu cyaro gukoresha ikoranabuhanga mu buzima bwe bwa buri munsi. Twasuye abaturage bo mu Karere ka Musanze, Intara y’Amajyaruguru batubwira uko bakiriye iyi gahunda n’icyo ibamariye. Kanda hano wumve ubuhamya bw’abo baturage.

PS Claudette Irere reminds Digital Ambassadors to be catalysts of Digital literacy

During a Digital Ambassadors’ capacity building workshop, The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary: Claudette Irere, commended their hard work to bridge the Digital Divide in Rwanda and she reminded them that they are the heart of digital transformation of the country. This took place on Friday January 18, 2019 in Kigali.

The Permanent Secretary reminds the Digital Ambassadors that ICT is considered an enabler of economic development, and that is why digital literacy is critical amongst the citizens.

“We really want to see real transformation; training the citizens how devices work is not ICT transformation; think of something else beyond that would bring true transformation. Make sure the citizens are benefiting from the ICT infrastructures that the Government has put in place. I want to tell you that this is not a MINICT and DOT’s initiative; it is a Government initiative.” Says the PS Claudette Irere.

“I do commend the excellent work you are doing. Though you are still few, keep the good work. Because if you succeed, we will increase your number.” Adds the PS Claudette Irere.

The PS promised the DAs to help them in mobilizing the community and reiterated on being exemplary; revisiting their behaviors, as the community is learning from them.

Emmanuel Nzeyimana; the DOT Country Program Manager utters that such a workshop helps the DAs share experience and get knowledge to take to the community.

“We are here to increase their knowledge and capacity to deliver the program. Normally, we do knowledge sharing: al the DAs share their experience from respective fields: challenges and solutions they have come up with. We also do capacity building aiming at increasing their skills as facilitators and their career development.” Utters Emmanuel.

Annette Mutegwamaso, who is DA in Kayonza District says, “Such trainings help us a lot because we hear others’ experiences; challenges the have encountered and how they have overcome them. Also, having acquired more skills shared by our trainers help us a lot while we are in our respective communities.”

The three-day capacity building workshop brought together fifty (50) DAs who are working across the country. Today it operates in twelve (12) Districts across the country. Thus far, more than twenty-seven (27) thousands have been trained by the digital Ambassadors (DAs).

Over 100 job seekers assisted by Digital Ambassadors to apply for jobs during Kigali Job Fair

Dot Rwanda officials say that Digital Ambassadors assisted more than 100 job seekers to apply for job positions online, during Kigali Job fair that took place on 06th December 2018, at Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village (KCEV).

With the support of the Ministry of ICT and Innovation (MINICT), Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA), DOT Rwanda managed to have an ICT bus: an Internet-connected buses filled with computers, to help job seekers apply.

Cecile Mbashimishe; who is in charge of Communication and Events at DOT Rwanda, said the main purpose is to help the applicants apply for various online opportunities.  

“The employers are giving to job seekers links where they can apply for the jobs and our digital ambassadors using the ICT bus to coach the job seekers on how to apply for the jobs. They also help them to finalize their CVs and put them on LinkedIn.” Spoken Cecile.

Samuel Niyongira; who has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration commended the initiative saying that it helped him submit his job application.

“It is exciting. When a friend of mine told me there was going to be the Kigali Job Fair and that the internet will free accessed, I could believe it. But now that I made my application, I am really happy.  We got laptops and the internet is so strong.” Noted Samuel.

Digital Ambassadors Programme (DAP) was introduced to Rwanda in September 2017, to mitigate digital illiteracy amongst the population. Today it operates in twelve (12) Districts across the country. So far, more than twenty-seven (27) thousands have been trained by the digital Ambassadors (DAs).

How Digital Ambassadors Program (DAP) is increasing citizens' digital literacy

Two years ago, Digital Ambassadors Programme (DAP) or Intore mu Ikoranabuhanga was introduced to Rwanda; spearheaded by the Ministry of ICT and Innovation (MINICT) in partnership with World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Internet for All Northern Corridor initiative and Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT).  The programme aims at reducing the digital divide and increase Citizens' digital literacy.

Marie Jose Shyoli Iradukunda; 22 year-old graduate has been a Digital Ambassador in Musanze District, Northern Province.  She describes the changes the programme has brought to her life.

“Before I became a DA, I was very shy and totally unable to express myself in the public. My motivation to use the technology tools was very low. With DOT’s empowerment programs, I gained confidence, work readiness skills and other life skills. The coaching and facilitation skills I acquired made me a new person! I first noticed this when I brought the Digital Ambassadors Program to citizens from Musanze District.” Said Marie Josée

“I am no longer such a young woman who doesn’t know how to tap into technology and build her digital foot print.” She added.

In February 2017, when the programme was introduced to Rwanda, Janet Longmore, founder and CEO of DOT said “Young Digital Ambassadors receive essential ICT, facilitation, and soft skills and will spend time in their communities getting to understand the needs and challenges of community members while providing digital solutions and training.”

Francine Kamanzi, 46-year-old mother from Rugerero Sector, Rubavu District testifies how the programme has transformed her into a regular technology user as opposed to her previous situation.

“At the moment, I quickly apply for e-government services without support from someone. I know how to get information related to Agricultural markets, health and meteorology using the USSD methodology. All these technology skills and knowledge have boosted my confidence, saved my time and money. In summary, I have built strong relationship with my simple mobile phone!”

Muhawenimana Clementine, one of the participants shares how she is learning to use her mobile phone productively:

‘Since I joined the DAP, I discovered that mobile phone is an indispensable part of my life. There are many uses available in my phone, which seem to virtually bring everything into my reach. I am lucky because I will benefit from available major online services with little effort. I know how to manage my phone’s security settings and protect my privacy. I am also looking forward to learn more skills.”

Digital Ambassadors Programme (DAP) was officially launched in September 2017, to mitigate digital illiteracy amongst the population. Today it operates in twelve (12) Districts across the country. Thus far, more than twenty-seven (27) thousands have been trained by the digital Ambassadors (DAs).