MINICT and RDB support the training of Digital Services Agents

With the support of the Ministry of ICT and Innovation (MINICT) and Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the ICT Chamber has launched the training of trainers whereby 90 trainers will be upskilled on the best practices in the delivery of digital services. The program was kicked off on October 12, 2020 and it will be completed within a period of 2 weeks.

The government of Rwanda is committed to developing a vibrant IT Eco-system through digitization of its services straight forward and contributing to the digitalization of non-public services as well. Considering what has been done already in the field of digitalization, the Ministry of ICT and Innovation together with RDB and the ICT Chamber would like to contribute to improving e-services delivery for better lives of the citizens and increasing the number of digitally literate citizens and so trigger the creation of employment.

With the growth of digitalization in Rwanda, many services have been digitalized and many more services will be digitalized shortly. In this regard, Digital Services Agents who are distributing them to local citizens have boosted the use of e-Government and e-Business services, which is in line with the Rwanda Digital Talent Policy. Digital Service Agencies are public space located at Umudugudu, Cell, or sector levels through which citizens access mainly public services online (Irembo services, RRA...) as well other cybercafe services including printery, scanning, training, or internet connectivity.

There are more than three thousand digital services agents across the country who helps local citizens in Rwanda to access the existing digital services easily. That being said, the government would like to create a consortium of Super Agents (Digital Services Super Agents) through which a clear structure of digital service agencies will be developed and implemented. This will be done by rolling out this training to all 3,000 digital services agents soon.