DAs reminded to practice what they learnt from the boot camp

On Tuesday, October 8, 2019 was the official sendoff of Digital Ambassadors whohad been in a 10-day boot camp to acquire trainings on digital literacy. Minister Paula Ingabire and Minister of Local Government; Prof. Anastase Shyaka urged the Digital Ambassadors to go and practice what they learnt from the boot camp.

They did get numerous trainings including one provided by International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL). Also, they got trained on entrepreneurship, patriotism and they were also reminded to work collaboratively with local leaders, citizens and the Ministry.

In her remarks, Minister Ingabire said “We believe that you will perfectly fulfill the task of proving trainings to the citizens that you are assigned today. Work courageously and work collaboratively with local leaders.”

Nsengimana Emmanuel who spoke on behalf of other Digital Ambassadors promised the Ministers and the attendants that they will fulfill their mission and every Digital Ambassador will train at least 60 citizens per month.

Delivering his closing remarks, Minister Anastase Shyaka who was a guest of honor, told the Digital Ambassadors that local leaders are keenly waiting for them.

“Rwandan citizens should be able to access online services on their own. Now, you are going to help us meet this goal. You will be held accountable of the commitment you made because when something becomes a pleadge (umuhigo), there’s no holding back.” Said Minister Shyaka.

The Digital Ambassadors who got trained were in number of 110 made of eighty (80) men and thirty (30) of them were women. The Digital Ambassadors signed agreements with both the attending Ministers.

About Digital Ambassadors Programme:

The Digital Ambassadors Program (DAP) is an initiative led by the Rwandan Ministry of ICT and Innovation aimed at increasing the number of digitally literate citizens and their use of e-Government and e-Business services.  In alignment with the Rwanda Digital Talent Policy and the World Economic Forum’s Internet for All Initiative.  DAP is expected to mobilize young ambassadors to transform the lives of 5,000,000 (five million) citizens through digital skills and adoption of e-Services, driving inclusion and growth. 

DAP was introduced to Rwanda in September 2017, to mitigate digital illiteracy amongst the population. Today it operates in twelve (12) Districts across the country. So far, more than twenty-seven (27) thousands have been trained by the digital Ambassadors (DAs).

DAP will also bridge the gap of low digital literacy in Rwanda which is currently at 8.9% as it is reported by the last EICV5 census.  With Rwanda-DAP, digital literacy is expected to increase up to at least 60% for the population aged 15 years and above as provided in the National Strategy for Transformation (NST-1) targets.


Enhance village livelihood, increase socio-economic opportunities to Rwanda village residents by empowering them to embrace digital revolution/technologies.

DAP Objectives

·         Transform rural communities into digitally literate and skilled ones through digital literacy trainings (Digital Ambassadors Program-DAP);

·         Increase access to information, internet services, ICT infrastructure and different applications for provision of online services (Irembo, E-health, e-Agriculture, e-Business, e-Commerce and digital financial inclusion services).

·         Support the efforts of increasing device penetration through stimulating demand and empowering citizens with capacity to use those devices.

·         Provide digital literacy trainings to women, youths and persons with special needs/disabilities

·         Mobilize partners and involve the private sector to support digital literacy trainings for Rwandans.